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I woke myself up snoring this morning. That’s…….. not normal, is it? I’m a loud snorer, see. Not usually loud enough to wake myself up though. But plenty loud enough to wake up others. Not that my teddies complain. Pooh Bear could almost be the perfect girlfriend. If he wasn’t male. And hadn’t been wearing the same clothes for 4 years. And wasn’t a teddy….

There’s ‘chaos in the car park’ at work this morning. One of the floors is being refurbished, so a few gangly men are bringing down all the rubbish and putting it in a HUGE skip out the back. The skip has taken up about 6 parking spaces though (already at a premium). And I’m gutted because I missed the big truck that brought it here this morning. :(

Old called me again last night. I meant to not answer. But I pressed the wrong button. She told me she and her ex-husband/current companion have had a bust up. He drives her car, see. As she gets a car from the Disability. But he kept passing out in a diabetic coma while he was driving, so she’s taken the keys off him. He’s still doing his delivery driver job though. I did mention that maybe she should inform the DVLA so he can get a health test to see if he’s fit to drive. But she said no. “At least he’s not driving for me now. So somebody else can do it.” *sigh* So watch out for any deliverers of chinese food in the area. And stay away. She also asked me to get her a loaf of bread today. ‘Sure’, I thought. I’ll pop into Spar on my way home. But then she said ‘Oh no. It has to be from a Baker’s. I only like a full loaf. So I can cut it whatever size I want it.’ *sigh* So I’m hoping Tescos has some full white loaves left if I can fit in the time to get there on my way to meeting a new client. She *does* have someone to do her shopping. But they forgot the bread yesterday. *sigh*

Am I being too nice??

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3 Responses to Insert imaginative title here

  1. yes you are being far, far too nice! x

  2. I think she is being a bit cheeky, but it’s hard to say no in those circumstances. I hope she pays you for the bread, given all your efforts…

  3. Glen says:

    Yes. Stop being nice, I did and it was great, I can therefore recommend it very highly.

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