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Woo hoo!!

Blog people – I’m in a VERY good mood today And not about what you might be thinking it’s about So, firstly, I’ll start with last night… Ziggy (the one I classed as a ’2nd date’ in order to meet … Continue reading

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All Tubed out!

Well hello world! I made it back from London in one piece The course was good, if a little heavy and complicated, but it should all be useful, so it’s worth it. I didn’t actually do anything interesting while in … Continue reading

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Insert imaginative title here

I woke myself up snoring this morning. That’s…….. not normal, is it? I’m a loud snorer, see. Not usually loud enough to wake myself up though. But plenty loud enough to wake up others. Not that my teddies complain. Pooh … Continue reading

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Well, it’s Monday. I had a decent weekend – I went to see the Indigo Girls in Brighton. And just chilled on Sunday. (my house guest isn’t moving in any more – the place she’s in is available for a … Continue reading

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I’m Back! (again)

Woo hoo! I’m back! My domain name expired, and the company didn’t send me any reminders, so the site was down for a few days. But I’m back now! Should be (hopefully) no more down time until my hosting runs … Continue reading

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Up and Down Day

Well, today was an up and down day. It started rather badly. I was so tired, I didn’t hear any of my alarms (I have 7), and had more ‘plane crash’ dreams. Though that *could* be related to having watched … Continue reading

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Well, today didn’t start off well. Firstly, we got NO snow here I was hoping I’d be snowed in at home and have to work from my sofa today. Never mind! Then I got shampoo in my eyes while washing … Continue reading

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I’m back!!

Woo hoo! I’m back! Hosting company have FINALLY matched up my payment with my account. And blog, I’ve missed you.. I could really have done with the blog over the weekend! So, an update.. Last Tuesday I went on another … Continue reading

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