Crash bang wallop

So, I’ve had another crash today :( And I thought I was being so good and looking after myself this weekend, too. I stayed in all weekend, just chilled out and relaxed, had proper meals on an evening and didn’t eat crap. But I still crashed this morning :(

I’m so frustrated. I’ve been looking online today to try and find out what it is. And it turns out it could be the PCOS. Apparently, those with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome are sensitive to lots of stuff I didn’t know about. Such as yeast, high GI foods, chemicals in non-organic foods and plastic / tin containers. Fancy that! Now, looking at the GI foods list, Parsnips are VERY high up there. I had roast parsnips last night. And it looks like that might have just tipped me over the edge – along with the toasted bagels I had yesterday (which are also high GI). Bummer. My sides ache like I’ve been doing some sort of strenuous exercise and I’m so tired and need to be near a toilet. It’s not good. I NEED to get this sorted out.

So, when I get paid, I’m going to get some books and try a low GI diet to see if that helps. I’ll also stick to Organic veg. Apparently, because of the hormone imbalances, pesticides etc can really mess up the body. I’ll have to try it out. See what happens. Although I’ve been eating much much healthier recently – making sure I get my veg, eating fruit etc etc, I could still have been eating the wrong stuff. I mean, Jacket potatoes are high GI too!

I’m not as bad as I used to be – I used to sleep ALL day over weekends. Nowadays I get up at around 10.30 or so on a weekend, which is much much better for me. Sometimes I fall asleep on the sofa, yes. But at least I’m up. Before, I couldn’t even manage that!

So.. I’ll keep trying new things and see what works. One day I might end up feeling normal adn these crashes might disappear. Here’s hoping eh?

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  1. Ah… I have a totally rational explanation for your mood. It’s the most depressing day of the year (apparently):

    Things can only get better

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