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Shopping hell

Firstly, before the business of the day – I need to warn any regular readers that this site may go offline for a few days. The hosting company HAD noticed my package was due to expire, but the reminders had … Continue reading

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Well, life is rolling on and I’m in a good mood at the moment. I was in a bit of a ‘funk’ over the weekend – tired and lethargic, but I made it into work early this morning so I’m … Continue reading

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Back in one piece

Well, I made it to London! And I made it back! Woo hoo! I was really panicking and getting nervous the night before I went, but it all went ok, so I’m glad.. I overslept on Thursday, but still should … Continue reading

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Weather meltdown

Well, what a palaver! 2cms of snow and the whole transport infrastructure in the South East collapses! I’m concerned. See, I’m supposed to be going to London tomorrow. I have a 2-day course which looks REALLY interesting, but I’m not … Continue reading

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Crash bang wallop

So, I’ve had another crash today And I thought I was being so good and looking after myself this weekend, too. I stayed in all weekend, just chilled out and relaxed, had proper meals on an evening and didn’t eat … Continue reading

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A bit bedrunken

Hello readers. Well, I’ve not long got in from my ‘date’, and I’m a bit bedrunken in charge of a cup of tea and a lapotp. Possibly not a good idea, but hey – I live life on the edge … Continue reading

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Rollin on..

Well, a bit since I last updated, but I now have something to update I had a call back (by appointment) by someone at Payplan this morning. He took all the details about my debt, how much I earn, my … Continue reading

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Life Update

Ok. So yesterday I sent off two letters to two credit reference agencies to get a copy of my credit file. I have one cheque to write, and can then send the third one off I learned that a £2 … Continue reading

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Sorting my life out..

So.. it’s New Year. I don’t really have any hard and fast resolutions, but I’ve decided I’m going to have some targets. Some things I want to do this year. Today, I received a call from a debt collection agency. … Continue reading

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My Favourite Christmas Present

My Favourite Christmas Present, ladies and gentlemen, and not wanting to cause any offence to other people who bought me lovely presents too, is my epilator. It’s pink and noisy, and looks kinda nasty (in a ‘that looks painful’ way), … Continue reading

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