Well, I’m feeling much better today :) I managed to get to work early on Tuesday, and work went ok. Actually, I’m enjoying work at the moment. It’s varied, and it’s interesting. Yesterday I had some admin and paperwork to do, then some meetings to arrange. And today I was on a training day for a qualification thingy I’m going to do. It was in Kent, so I drove over and stayed with a friend last night (as it was closer than driving to the training from home). And it was lovely. We had cake and squirty cream, watched tv and had hugs and giggles. It makes such a difference to have such a good friend, you know? The first thing she did when I got there was give me a hug. And that was just what I needed. You know who you are. Thanks :)

Today was ok. Though I did get a little annoyed at the man next to me playing with his false teeth all day! Aswell as that, he was eating boiled sweets that kept clunking off his falsies and making an awful racket! I know I shouldn’t get annoyed – that’ll be me one day! But the sound of sucking on a boiled sweet and then sucking on the false teeth was just too much today I think lol.

So I’m still positive. Even though I crashed on Monday, I bounced back on Tuesday, did a good day’s work and got myself up out of the pit again. And a year ago, this crash would have set me back about a week. So there’s a huge improvement there. And to be honest, thinking about it, I think it happened because I haven’t had a *full* two day weekend for 2 weeks. I’ve been to Kent to observe some training for the last 2 Saturdays. (It was my choice – I thought I’d be fine!). I think that just took it out of me. but at least I know now, and I know not to do it again :)

So all’s good in the world of Lemonpillows. I’m still feeling bouncy and in a good mood. I’ve even decided who I’m going to switch my internet connection to! I can’t wait to have the reliability of a decent connection – and decent customer service!

Right. I’m off. I have fishcakes and oven chips in the oven, then I need a bath and an early night if I’m to function tomorrow.

Thanks to those of you who sent comments, texts and emails. They were really appreciated. And they do help. Thank you :)

Ciao readers!

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5 Responses to Better

  1. Pleased to hear you’re feeling so much better – what a really positive post! Friends and a hug can make such a difference.

    As an aside, can I be nosey and ask who you’re thinking of switching to as your internet provider? I was thinking of using Tiscali but I think that’s who you’re moving from. I’ve been looking at various options and just can’t make up my mind on who to go with!

  2. saesnes says:

    Great news!
    Fishcakes – yummy….might have some of those myself….

    I’ve got an aside too – any idea why recently when I open your blog in Firefox, it disappears? I’m having to use the dreaded IE to read you.

    Anyway, so pleased you’re feeling good.

  3. lemonpillows says:

    Ooh.. No idea! I use Firefox and it displays fine.. Have you updated to the most recent version?

  4. Simon says:

    Fishcakes and chips? I’m sitting here with a bloody cheese roll .

  5. saesnes says:

    ps just saw your comment on my blog re 2nd life – i’ve replied there. Hope you’re still feeling good.

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