Big City Bright Lights..

Well, I had an interesting weekend. I had to go to Kent to observe some training on Saturday, so I stayed with a friend on Friday night. After training, I was persuaded to go to London for a drink. To LONDON!

I mean, I’ve only ever been to London twice – once on a day trip with a friend I was staying with, and once for some training. (I went to take pictures of Buckingham Palace during my lunch hour). So there I was, all excited at going to London. We used my satnav to get us there, and it was not too bad actually. (though coming out, it was rubbish). We drove past a sign that said ‘Tower Hamlets’. And I got all tourist and excited. I’ve only ever heard of Tower Hamlets on tv. Never been there. And then we drove past the docklands – I saw all the big buildings. I couldn’t stop saying ‘wow – London’. All those buildings I’d only ever seen on tv, and now I was driving past them!

And we went to WhiteChapel. Where Jack the Ripper used to roam. The bar was underneath a railway bridge – all London stone and old and historical-like. We went in, got drinks, and went downstairs onto the dance floor bit. It was SO LOUD! I could feel the vibrations from the bass coming up my jeans. And if you stood underneath the speakers, you could feel the rushes of air as the speakers pumped out the beat. I had two lagers, but I wasn’t really drunk enough to enjoy the experience too much, but the people watching was great fun.

I went to London for a night out!!! How cool! And before that, we went out for a lovely curry in a local restaurant. :) Now, even though it was all exciting because it was London and all that, it’s even better because I actually had the money to go out. In my last job, I just didn’t have ANY spare cash of a month. Nothing. Nada. If I was lucky, I could buy myself some books from the charity shop and 4 lagers a month. And now, I’m a bit more comfortable. I can buy the more expensive orange juice (not from concentrate). I can afford to get a take away now and again, or go out for curry or drinks. And I think, this is the first time I’ve actually had enough money to be able to do that, without going without some groceries to do it. Is this what other people have when they get a job? Maybe it is. I mean, I’m not rich – or ‘comfortable’ quite yet. I only have around £100 left over a month – but that’s £80 more than I used to have. So at the moment, I’m enjoying it. I’m planning to buy myself something in the January sales – just to reward myself – for ‘making it’. Just to say to myself – you did it. You applied and got a good job. You’re doing a decent job of it, and you’re managing to live, look after yourself and survive. And I want to reward myself for that. Choices so far are a new TomTom Gps, a Nintendo Wii, a new digital camera, a little holiday, a new tv, a laptop, some Premium Bonds. I’ll have to save up another couple of months to have the money, but I can now do that. And after I’ve bought something, then I’m going to sort out my debt. Maybe I can get an IVA now that I have some spare money to pay them. Rather than going bankrupt!

And I spent about an hour and a half on the phone to Tiscali last night trying to get a MAC (migration) code so I can leave them and sign up with another internet provider. When I EVENTUALLY got through, they said the MAC code would arrive in my email inbox in 1-5 days. Bugger. I bet it doesn’t arrive and I have to spend an hour on hold – at NATIONAL RATE – to get another one :( But at least I’ve started. I so can’t be doing with the total unreliability of the service.

Anyway. I’ve waffled. I’m going. :) Woo hoo!

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6 Responses to Big City Bright Lights..

  1. Dad says:

    Really happy for you sweetheart, that is what life is about, you only get one chance so enjoy it.
    ps: do not spend owt on me for xmas, use it for you. xxx

  2. saesnes says:

    So pleased for you – it all sounds really good :)

  3. anxious says:

    All sounds really positive – well done!
    It’s funny to think that people are excited about visiting London. I grew up there and it was just “normal” to me!

  4. Seren says:

    Awww xxx

  5. Simon says:

    I’m with your Dad, enjoy it. and BTW don’t spend owt on me for Xmas either!!..great news.

  6. Sounds as though things are going well. Great news!

    I hope you have a good weekend.

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