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Big City Bright Lights..

Well, I had an interesting weekend. I had to go to Kent to observe some training on Saturday, so I stayed with a friend on Friday night. After training, I was persuaded to go to London for a drink. To … Continue reading

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Something funny..

I just looked at my stats, and found this. I’m the 6th highest ranking page in google if you put in the search term: “reversing into the wall” Huh…………

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Lurgy :(

I’ve been ill this week, readers. I’ve had some sort of lurgy. Not nice. And it has kept me off work for 4 days.4 whole days! I hate taking sick time. I always feel so guilty for it. I don’t … Continue reading

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Something Different..

Dun Dun Dunnnnnnnnnnnnn…. Drum roll please…. I went out last night!! How cool! lol. I didn’t sit in my flat watching X-factor. I went to a local LGB society ‘Supper Night’. And it was quite cool. All of the people … Continue reading

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A wunch of Bankers..

Hm. I’m a little confused. I’ve been being very organized and responsible and checking my bank balance etc online. And a few things just don’t add up. I sent a ‘bill payment’ to another person’s bank account at the end … Continue reading

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Yo people! I’ve been so bad at updating recently, haven’t I? I go to start an update, then kinda lose track and lose the inspiration. But there have been so many things I could have blogged in the meantime.. I … Continue reading

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