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The sunrise on the seafront. Lovely So I managed to get an internet connection temporarily and uploaded some of my photos before it died. Lovely view, isn’t it? I was at a conference the other week, and the sunrise was … Continue reading

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Long time no update (again)

Well… Long time no write! I’m back from my trip ‘oop north, and back at work again. Going home was fun – even though I got a horrible cold the day after I got there! I went to bingo with … Continue reading

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On the road..

I’m in yorkshire somewhere, at a small service station. I have myself a decaf cappuccino and am takin my second break on my drive back home. I only have about an hour and a half left to drive. Yay! My … Continue reading

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The sunset from my kitchen window. Lovely I’m still knackered! But that’s becuase I’ve been driving most of today. I had 2 visits to do – both around 20 miles from the office – in different directions. And then I … Continue reading

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