Plees day..

Not sure what to write really, but today has been another very long day. *yawn* And there’s a dragonfly trying vainly to have sex with my computer monitor. Interesting…

Anyway.. I spent most of today down the police station with clients. I was only meant to go for one at 11am, but didn’t get finished until 6.30pm, after having dealt with 4 clients.

The thing about the police station is that it just sends you to sleeeep. It’s the hum of the air conditioning, the constant waiting around. People talking in interviews and the quiet of the private rooms. The monotony of repeating the same questions, filling out the same forms. And when you’re there all day, you tend to run out of ‘general chit-chat’, so end up sitting in silence once you’ve gotten over the weather and how long you’ve been doing the job.

But, well, it was something different! (and today was supposed to be an easy, quiet office day!)

In other news.. I reversed my car into a wall yesterday. I didn’t actually realize until I got out. Because I didn’t see the wall. But I was only going about 2mph and parking at the time, so it didn’t leave a dent. (and it was on the bumper anyway).

I have a meeting with another area team tomorrow morning, then a ‘personal development’ meeting in the afternoon. Then Thursday I’m meeting clients all day, and Friday I’m in Kent for some more training. Busy busy! So I’ve not really had any time to carry on doing my archives. I’ll get them all done eventually, but for the moment, I need some food and some vegging on the sofa time..


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4 Responses to Plees day..

  1. Vanessa says:

    If you know anyone who can have a techie glance at your bumper, anyway, I think it’s worth doing. Often the bumper doesn’t seem damaged in an impact, but the ability to absorb a bump IS damaged — that could be important if it’s a big bump, as the next thing to absorb bumps is your neck.

    I’ve had a car run into the back of mine, and the bumper escape unharmed, then merely touched a stationary bike, and the sodding thing is ruined (the bumper not the bike).

  2. peekie68 says:

    I hope u filed the bumper incident under blonde moments again??? xxx

  3. Simon says:

    WTF are you saying you whacked poor old Plum, smashed her arse against a brick wall? Maybe we should have named her “Ragged Arse”
    Nice to see you back and settled, into the job. Keep writing , makes my day……..cheers.

  4. peekie68 says:

    I agree with u there Simon …… u gotta keep the blogs comin lemon they make my day too xx

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