Long week

It’s the end of what has seemed a very long week. Tiring. But rewarding :) I’ve managed to meet with a few clients, chat to people I need to chat to, and travel to Kent for some training. And I’m looking forward to doing nothing this weekend! I so need to catch up on my sleep and my tidying..

During the week I’ve been updating my archives. The old version of my site (with all the old blog posts) broke. So I can’t just export the posts from there into here. So I have to manually copy and paste all of the entries into this blog! It’s going to be time consuming, and I’ve only managed 4 months worth this week. There’s only about another 3 or 4 years of entries to go. *sigh*

And yes, some of them seemed to appear as new posts instead of going into the archives like I’d asked them to. But I sorted that out eventually and they’re now in the archive list to the left. I have more time now in an evening, so I can do a bit more on the site and maybe get some things cleaned up and changedd :)

I don’t think I’ve had any more blonde moments.. Well, none that I can remember anyway. And I’m too tired to think about that now!

I need my beeeeeeeeed….

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2 Responses to Long week

  1. Vanessa says:

    Ahhhhh … they appear as new posts. THAT would be why I’m leaving long long comments on really old stuff, then. Doh.

  2. Afrochick says:

    love that we’ll still get the odd techie-rant from ya, even in your new touchy-feely-peepsy job! And yes, realise it’s not terribly techie, but I really am that much of a techno-dunce…shaaaame…
    Knackering innit picking up something new? I’m sure you’ll be covered in lemonyglory in no time, girl, glad it’s going well x

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