Choo choo!

A lovely steam train Another picture of the steam train

Well, I’ve been sitting here about half of an hour trying to decide what to write.. I’m not sure. So this may be a little disjointed…

I got to work around 8.30 this morning, and it has been non-stop since! I’m still totally out of my depth at the moment, and working to keep up. I know it’s going to be like that for a while, but I did make my first phone call to a (thinks how to anonymously describe class of person).. I’ll call them ‘Agents’. Though it was cheating, as I already knew her – we had been through training at the same time – it was still a ‘business’ call, and I did manage to get something sorted. I still have to call a medical advisor about a client, then I have to call a few clients, arrange some meetings, and contact head office about doing a press release.

I get really self-conscious on the phone though, sitting next to my manager. He’s a nice man – really laid back and helpful, but as I’m new on the job, I’m paranoid that he’s listening for any mistakes I make! He’s working from home tomorrow though, so I think I might be able to be a little more confident and less worried about making mistakes.

But my head is still choc-full of stuff I don’t understand yet, or know what to do with.

Anyway. I had a good weekend. On Friday, I went out for someone’s leaving do – for the person whose job I’m taking over! So I met some of the agents and tried desperately to remember their names. (I wrote little descriptions in the notepad feature on my phone). I remember one of the names still. So not too bad.. Then Sunday I went to see a steam train! :) It stopped at the local station for 10minutes. There was some special journey you could buy tickets for (something to do with a hop festival), but lots of ‘railway enthusiasts’ came to take photographs. Then we went for a fried breakfast. Yummy! And we got chips with it too!

So that was my weekend really. I’ve been really tired, so I actually fell asleep on Saturday and on Sunday afternoon. It may be all the driving I’m doing, or it may be because I gave up caffeine last week.

And I so have to do my ironing.. I managed today, as I already had a shirt ironed from my last bout of ‘ironing energy’. (you have to be in the mood to iron, really, don’t you?). But I wore it with my jeans. So the top of my jeans keeps folding down over my belt, and the shirt keeps riding up, and I keep flashing my belly.. (eww – I know!) And the biggest boo boo was that it was warm today, so I was sweating in this long-sleeved shirt, and not able to wear my jacket to hide my belly! So that’s gotta be motivation to iron my long, collared t-shirts, hasn’t it?

Right. Time for my tea.. Laters Blogpeople!

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  1. Am I too late to drop my ironing over for you to do??

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