Thank goodness it’s Friday!

What a funny looking bug...
It landed on the page while I was
reading, so I took a photo…

Well, it’s the weekend!! Thank goodness! I am so so tired at the moment, it’s unreal. I think it’s the claminess of the temperature at the moment. It’s not ‘hot’, but it’s clammy. Like we need a good downpour and thunderstorm to sort things out.

My 6pm meeting with a client and an agent was cancelled today, so I managed to get home at a normal time. (I had thought I wouldn’t be home until 8pm!). So I have time to do my hoovering and my washing if I get my skates on now. And then try some more decluttering, and catch up with all the programs I’ve recorded on Sky+ and haven’t watched all week… (I do love my Sky+ box..)

And I don’t think I really have anything else to say! If I think of something tonight, then I’ll update again.. But you know, I have blogger’s block at the moment. What a pain!

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2 Responses to Thank goodness it’s Friday!

  1. lemonpillows says:

    It’s a Hawthorn Shieldbug apparently. Just in case any of you were wondering!! (it took me about an hour to find that!)

  2. Peekie68 says:

    I love the photo – your bug is great, and yes i would’ve asked you wot it was!

    Is it ironin time again??? Hell thats come round quick ….

    Any suggestions for 2days mantra? I’m 2 tired 2 come up with 1.

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