Asda :)

Poorly Plant
I’m not very good with plants…

This evening, I am tired. But I’ve had a good day too. I got into work all perky and in a lovely mood. And I stayed that way most of the day. (despite reversing into the wall at work *again*). I’ve nearly finished all the paperwork I need to do and I managed to get hold of some people I needed to get hold of.

And I was excited all day because I had decided to go to Asda tonight! I *was* going to go last night, but decided to do ALL of my ironing (yes, ALL of it) last night instead, so I could enjoy the Asda experience tonight. And it was nice. I had a good look around all the electronics, dvds, cds, books, clothes etc. I didn’t buy anything like that, but it was nice to look :) And then I got my shopping. I took my time and deliberated and generally enjoyed the Asda-ness of it all :) And afterwards, I wandered around the retail park looking at shoes and mattresses. (I need both.)

I got home and stuck my feet in one of those foot-spa thingies, then a friend came round for tea tonight and we ate oven pizza, oven chips and smarties ice cream!! Mmmm… And it’s only 2 more days until the weekend and I can sleeeeeeeeeep….

But I must go. I’m tired. And I need my bed.. Laters people! :)

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4 Responses to Asda :)

  1. Afrochick says:

    Woman, that’s some SERIOUS anti-greenfingers you got there! You invert, you .. Tip:desklamps work for cruel experiments on cress in Biology, but most plants’re gonna need some natural rays .. Tip2:go for a firm matress, it will change your life! (but what the fuck do I know?)

  2. Peekie68 says:

    I’m well impressed with ya green fingers lemon it took skill, time and dedication to get the plant in that condition!!! Keep it up hun.

  3. Peekie68 says:

    Todays mantra has gotta be ….. i must share my smarties icecream, i must share my smarties icecream ……

  4. Afrochick says:

    Aww, sweettalker to sweet talker…it’s a beautiful thing

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