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Thank goodness it’s Friday!

It landed on the page while I was reading, so I took a photo… Well, it’s the weekend!! Thank goodness! I am so so tired at the moment, it’s unreal. I think it’s the claminess of the temperature at the … Continue reading

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Asda :)

I’m not very good with plants… This evening, I am tired. But I’ve had a good day too. I got into work all perky and in a lovely mood. And I stayed that way most of the day. (despite reversing … Continue reading

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Baaad mood!

A Dragonfly on my balcony I woke up in the most foulest mood this morning. And the morning just made me worse.. Firstly, I overslept (only a little!). So I was late meeting an agent this morning. Though I let … Continue reading

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Nothing really..

Thanks for the comments guys.. It has given me something to think about. I’m just afraid of what it will bring up with one or two of the people. And whether I want all that stuff to be brought up … Continue reading

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It’s late. And I’m still up..And thinking. I’m thinking about..well..friends. People who, for one reason or another I’ve lost contact with. During my ‘lost years’. After university. You see, I never wanted to be a burden on anyone. Didn’t want … Continue reading

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Plees day..

Not sure what to write really, but today has been another very long day. *yawn* And there’s a dragonfly trying vainly to have sex with my computer monitor. Interesting… Anyway.. I spent most of today down the police station with … Continue reading

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Long week

It’s the end of what has seemed a very long week. Tiring. But rewarding I’ve managed to meet with a few clients, chat to people I need to chat to, and travel to Kent for some training. And I’m looking … Continue reading

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Yeah, I know.. Long time no write! This week has been a bit emotional and busy at work, and I’ve not really known what to blog, so I just didn’t! Though I thought, I HAVE to blog my blonde moment … Continue reading

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Choo choo!

Well, I’ve been sitting here about half of an hour trying to decide what to write.. I’m not sure. So this may be a little disjointed… I got to work around 8.30 this morning, and it has been non-stop since! … Continue reading

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