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Lightly toasted…

Oh my….. I got the job!!! I still cant’ believe it. They phoned me at lunchtime and told me. It’s all subject to references and a health check etc, but, well, the job’s mine!! OMG. CHANGE! A new challenge. I … Continue reading

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I’ve just been for an interview. Three people sitting opposite me and it was a complete grilling! It wasn’t a high pressure interview, but it was intense. Thankfully it only lasted half of an hour and I *should* find out … Continue reading

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I’m sitting at the train station waiting for the next train to eastbourne. It’s sunday and I missed the earlier one by about 30seconds so now┬áI have about 50 minutes to wait. I’m watching a cat over the other side … Continue reading

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Long time no update…

Wow.. So long time no update! I’ve been full of cold (and still am), so am feeling lousy at the moment. But life is going on. I’ve managed to get into work every day, I’ve joined a band (I’m the … Continue reading

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Bit better..

Well, I’m feeling a lickle bit better today. I managed to get myself out for a walk on Saturday. I sat on the beach for a while and played with the pebbles, and I’ve just finished doing ALL of my … Continue reading

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I’m on the train home. It’s a cool and sunny evening, but I feel so so down. I just feel lost. Lost and lonely and I don’t know what to do about it. I’m listening to Kate Rusby singing ‘Who … Continue reading

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Making the most of a good day

I’ve had a good day today all in all. Lately I’ve been quite down so I didn’t want to update and whinge again. But today is ok So what has put me in a good mood? Well, a couple of … Continue reading

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Still here :)

Well, I’m still here.. (and not under a patio in pieces or anything!). I had a good night. It was really nice just to be out and with people for a change. I have missed that. I was a bit … Continue reading

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