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And I forgot.. I’ve been testing out new applications on my phone. One that I REALLY like has to be Opera Mini. It is so much faster than the N90′s in-build browser. You can also create shortcuts accessed through the keypad, organize shortcuts in folders and all the usual stuff you expect from an Opera mini client. AND it works on a wap connection only. It seems as though Opera full version mobile browser only works with a mobile internet connection (which I don’t have). So that’s a bonus.

I tried BitStream’s Thunderhawk browser, but I found couple of really annoying ‘features’ with that. As soon as the application opens, it connects to the homepage via Wap GPRS. I don’t want it to do that. I don’t want to download the Thunderhawk homepage, paying for more data transfer, before going where I really want to. Also, it has horizontal scrolling and doesn’t automatically render the pages for my screen size. And that’s a pain.
It *did* import all my bookmarks from Opera Mini and the N90s browser really easily though. But I’m still not keen on it.

I also tried a couple of newsreaders, including the BBC’s ‘Headlines Tracker’. (Ignore the ‘compatible phones’ section – it worked on my N90). The only problem with newsreaders, instant messaging and the BBC tracker is that 02 will not allow ANY type of data other than WAP browsing on it’s PAYG service. Now, is it just me, or does that just suck big time?? I’ve subscribed to a bolt-on to give me 4mb browsing, but I can only get WAP. I was so looking forward to being able to use IM on the go, and a newsreader for when I’m bored on the train. But no-go. I’d have to be on a contract, AND use 02′s Mobile Internet (along with the stupid charging) to get the use of any of that stuff.

There seem to be no answers as to why this is. It’s a policy decision rather than any problem with the infrastructure, technology or capability. They want to sell more contracts I suppose. But if I’m willing to pay for the service via my top-ups, I don’t quite understand why they won’t let me use it.

Not a happy bunny :(

Anyhoo. I’m happy with Opera Mini for the moment, and there are services I can subscribe to via WAP to get RSS feeds. I’ll have to start trying them out.

And I’ve been playing with Flash SMS. This is a wicked little app that sends an sms to someone which appears instantly on their screen. No need to open the message, it just appears there. Good to play with.

In the meantime – I got myself a ‘favicon’ :) Check it out in your address bar! (then refresh the page and watch the word ‘lemonpillows’ scroll across). Neat!

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  1. NB says:

    Many thanks for the heads-up on the Opera Mini browser. It really is jolly handy (I’ve got a SE 750i – with negligible amount of browsing) I particularly like that it tells you the page-load. *thumbs up*

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