Favourite things

After such a depressing evening last night, I thought I’d cheer things up and write a list of my favourite things. Why not? It’s warm and sunny outside, I’ve just seen a really good job that I want to apply for, and the World Cup is starting soon. So here goes:

Favourite Things To Do:

1. Daydream
2. Reading crime fiction / thrillers
3. Sleep
4. Play my guitar
5. Computer ‘stuff’
6. Have conversations with myself in Chinese /German/ French

Most frequent daydreams:

1. I have the ability to fly. I don’t have wings or anything, but all I have to do is jump up in a special way and I can glide in the air, kind of like a glider catches the wind. I don’t understand how nobody else can do this and I can. I try to teach people how to fly. (Ok, this is actually a recurring dream, but it’s quite vivid and I do daydream about it.)

2. There is some kind of tragedy, like the house is burning down or we are about to be flooded. Everyone is panicking. I am the only calm person around and manage to get everyone to safety and save the day. Just by being calm. No heroics, no super-human strength. Just by being calm. And then once my job is done, I walk away.

3. I win the lottery. This daydream differs depending on what kind of mood I’m in. Topics that differ include:
What kind of house will I buy? – A luxurious penthouse apartment? And old manor house? A self build? By the sea? In the country? In a city centre?
What kind of car will I buy?
Who will I give my money away to. (families, friends, charities, etc)
Where will I go on holiday?
Will I still work?
What will I do with my days with money not being a problem?

4. I have my own house and car, a nice job and a dog. And then someone special comes into my life. We fall instantly in love, she moves in with me in my wonderful house, and we live happily ever after jumping through puddles, sitting in front of an open fire, walking the dog and cuddling lots and lots.

5. I have lots of friends, and they all like me. One day they throw me a surprise party for my birthday / as a celebration for something I’ve done / achieved, and they’re all there. I have a really good night and go home thinking how lucky I am to have such a group of friends.

6. I am a well-balanced and busy person. I work every day, then do voluntary work in the evening and weekends. Not just one volunteer job, but several. Everyone wonders just how I manage it and they all think I’m great. But I still find time to go out and enjoy myself. And everyone fancies me, and I’m slim and beautiful.

7. I lose lots and lots of weight through being very disciplined with myself – I give up smoking, eat healthily and exercise lots (and enjoy it). People admire how well I’ve done and constantly ask how I did it. And think I’m great.

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2 Responses to Favourite things

  1. Not all your daydreams are unobtainable – but I would exercise caution at testing out the flying one, particularly near cliff edges.

  2. ysengrin says:

    My daydreams are mostly about decorating. At least yours go somewhere… kind of.

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