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Welcome back, lemonpillows…

Life is treating me well at the moment, I’m glad to say. It’s amazing what a few changes can do.. I’ve finally started my volunteer work and am being kept busy most evenings-and I’m loving it! I’m doing 2 volunteer … Continue reading

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Morning wonder

You know when it’s a slightly cloudy morning, but the sun is out behind the clouds, so that sometimes, you can see the sun’s rays shining through and it’s as if there is a circle of sunrays from the sky … Continue reading

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Why do farts seem to follow the farter? I’m sure that everyone has experienced this phenomenon, in which one delivers oneself forth of a silent but potent gaseous emission and then steps rapidly away, only to have the fart cling … Continue reading

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I remember..

I remember. Standing outside the train station, so nervous I felt sick. Listening for the announcement that your train had arrived. I walked to the top of the stairs, worrying what you would think of what you saw. And then … Continue reading

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Bad day

I’m sitting on my balcony listening to the rain hitting the trees, and the sound of wet tyres rubbing against the road. The birds are singing in the trees opposite and at the moment I feel quite content and relaxed. … Continue reading

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Spotted again..

On an advert for the new ‘Da Vinci Code’ film: “Contains flagellation and other moderate violence.” Interesting..

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A fox, cunningly hiding amongst long grass, watching the bunnies play nearby.

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Tech update

And I forgot.. I’ve been testing out new applications on my phone. One that I REALLY like has to be Opera Mini. It is so much faster than the N90′s in-build browser. You can also create shortcuts accessed through the … Continue reading

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That last post was a little nerve-wracking to write. Becuase it was so, well.. ‘open’. I suppose it shows more about how I feel and how I think than a lot of posts here. But I’m glad I wrote it. … Continue reading

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Favourite things

After such a depressing evening last night, I thought I’d cheer things up and write a list of my favourite things. Why not? It’s warm and sunny outside, I’ve just seen a really good job that I want to apply … Continue reading

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