Slow train

I’m on the slow, packed train from nowheresville on my way home. I’ve just bought my ticket to Gatwick for tomorrow. I turned up at the ticket window and said I needed a return, both times travelling after 10am and asked if I got any discount for having a season ticket with the train operator. The woman looked at me like an imbecile and said ‘no’. And issued me a return ticket which she pointed out was ‘valid for a month, whatever time you travel.’ Thanks. Well, it was worth a try!

 I’m going to come back from up north like a northerner aren’t I? I’m going to have to be careful of that or I might start smiling at people on the street or talking to random strangers on the train. I think they lock you up for that sort of thing in the south. Though one of my neighbours did make a point of saying ‘hello’ to me while I was on my balcony having a cigarette the other day, I think he was drunk,so I’m not sure that counts..

Hey ho.. The slow train has reached its half way point. I think I’ll go play sonic the hedgehog. :)

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  1. Glen McNamee says:

    Drink is how southern become more ‘northern’ and friendly.

    Sonic on the slow train soulds a lot better than five to six hours driving to Blackpool and back

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