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Day Three

It’s Day Three. I gave up smoking on Sunday night, and now it’s Wednesday. I *did* cheat last night and had ONE cigarette. But only one. And I’m still a ‘non-smoker’. I’m feeling the effects. I am so moody and … Continue reading

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Feelin good!

It’s nearly a whole day and I haven’t had a single cigarette! I felt so pleased with myself, I decided to come for a walk by the beach instead of going straight home. So here I am, sitting watchin the … Continue reading

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Chilled out weekend

I have been unable to get an internet connection on my computer all weekend, so decided to check my emails n blog from my mobile.. I’ve basically done nothing all weekend. I think i needed that though. I’m so so … Continue reading

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I’m at the train station waiting..I missed my train because ‘nightmare user’ called up at 15seconds to 5 and kept me on the phone.She only started today and has called 10times already for different things! Work has been dead most … Continue reading

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The train

I’m on the train.And its pretty packed. I don’t like the man opposite me because he looks like a John Major caricature. And that wierds me out. I’m listening to a woman talk over the aisle. Her and her companion … Continue reading

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Testing moblog

I just got a new moblog script so im testing how it works with image files.This is the most geeky fun ive had in ages! Here-have a picture of the train station this morning.

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I cheated. I went outside at lunchtime and had *half* of a cigarette. (I would have had a full one, but it was too windy and kept going out) I’m still ‘giving up’ though. I stuck a cherry flavoured lollipop … Continue reading

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Need to blog!

I’m losing my grip on reality. It’s lunchtime. And I’ve not had a cigarette all morning. And I’ve got a giggle fit. I can’t stop laughingt! And it’s a nightmare! I’m supposed to be answering the phone, but I can’t. … Continue reading

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No Smerkin

So, I gave up smoking today. And right now I just want to cry. I managed to get through the ‘waiting for the train first thing in the morning’ habitual cigarette. And I managed to get through the ‘cigarette before … Continue reading

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Well, training went well today, though I’m a bit knackered. That’s what comes from trying to get my head around PACE in an afternoon though. We got a tour of a brand new custody / detainment centre and a basic … Continue reading

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