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I was walking home last night and I saw something quite unexpected.. I had been to the Chemist to pick up a prescription, so was walking home via a different route. On this route, there are lots of ground floor … Continue reading

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Well, I’ve written quite a few entries over the past week, but in the end, decided not to post any of them, because I didn’t like them. I’ve been trying to stay away from the ‘personal stuff’ on here, but … Continue reading

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Little observations…

1. Walking through the rain in a thin cotton blouse is not a good idea. 2. Someone will *always* walk into the cubicle next to you when you’re just about to drop a huge number two. 3. Eating baked beans … Continue reading

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Why science is sexy

Science. Yes, science. In all its geekery, is now sexy. I remember being at school, sitting in science class. And being absolutely rubbish at it. I was afraid of bunsen burners (that the gas would somehow escape the taps and … Continue reading

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The history of the Custard Cream

I was sitting at work today after lunch, and I felt a little peckish. As you do, you know, on a Wednesday afternoon when there’s nothing to be done, and all you can think about is cake and biscuits.. Anyway, … Continue reading

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Valentines Post

So, I got home this evening at about 6pm, and wandered into the communal hallway and checked to see if I had any post. There, standing up, so as to be noticed immediately, was a red envelope. And it had … Continue reading

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In honour of Valentines Day

Not wanting to be too much of a ‘bah-humbug’ on Valentines day, here’s a poem from my personal collection: What is love, What is love? Love is like a flying dove, Gliding high, Gliding low, Then flying through the winter’s … Continue reading

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Well, I’m kinda over the “hug me now” phase. I had a long chat with my guitar and we both felt better afterwards. I got pretty down while at work though. I’m seriously thinking of advertising on the company intranet … Continue reading

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I need a hug. I’m ok, really. I just need a hug. Human contact. To know someone gives a sh*t, really. I know I’m a grown-up, but, well, sometimes I just want to be held. I want someone to say … Continue reading

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I’m back! Quicker than I thought, too! I’ve been wanting to write, but with not being allowed and waiting for my payment to hit the account, I’ve not been. So now I am. *hm* I am feeling much0 bettero at … Continue reading

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