Well, I have four hours until I have to get the train to Gatwick. *excited* I’m really nervous about flying (that’s what comes from watching too much ‘Seconds from Disaster’ and ‘Air Crash Investigation’), but I’ll live. :)

I’ve packed my bag mostly – got the Christmas presents in there and all my clothes. Just the toiletries to go now. I’ve bleached my face and drunk the last of my milk. Have put the rubbish out for collection and all I need to do now is pop down to the doctors to pick up a prescription and have a shower. Omg! I’m going home!

And the electrician has been, so I have a cooker- and a new hob! Nice.

The gig didn’t really happen last night – we waited, but by the time we left, the second band were still setting up, not in a hurry either – and the first act hadn’t arrived. So we left. Had a good night anyway. Being away from the pressure of having to get up for work and all that makes a difference. I SO need to get a job closer to where I live!

My knee isn’t too bad today. Bit sore, but nowhere near as bad as the first time. My jeans lived too! Stuck them in the washer last night and ALL the blood came out. Wonderful thing, technology, isn’t it?

And a friend is coming back to England for a month! I’m going to see one friend on Friday, another just after Christmas, and hopefully another when I get back here! I’m having a GOOD DAY!!

Omg- I feel like dancing!!

*wanders off shakin that tuche*

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  1. Glen McNamee says:

    Thanks to Seconds from Disaster I am too scared to travel on the Hindenburg.

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