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Well, I have four hours until I have to get the train to Gatwick. *excited* I’m really nervous about flying (that’s what comes from watching too much ‘Seconds from Disaster’ and ‘Air Crash Investigation’), but I’ll live. I’ve packed my … Continue reading

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I had another argument with the pavement this morning. It came out as a draw. The pavement claimed one knee. I claimed the other. But luckily, since our last fight, I can’t really feel much in my knees, so that’s … Continue reading

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Not much

Not much of an update today really. I’m on some I.T. management fuddle course at the moment. Bit boring, but something else to put on the c.v. and a couple of days away from work. Didn’t do anything this weekend … Continue reading

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Two weeks and counting

Right. So I’m back. There has been so much I’ve wanted to write about, but now I have my blog back, I don’t think I can. Today has been a pretty mundane effort at living. I didn’t get enough sleep … Continue reading

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Waheyyyyyyy!!! I’m back!!! My bloody site got hacked, then the rubbish Customer services at my hosts conveniently ignored my requests for a restore. *sigh* So I’ve just spend ages getting this damned thing back up again!! Damned bloody hackers!! Who … Continue reading

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