Ministry of funny walks

Bit of a short update today. I got my shopping delivered this evening. I have lots of vegetables! Yay!! I feel much better just opening the fridge and looking at them all. Even though I had a pizza for tea tonight. Well, I ordered two and they gave me three – without charging me- so I HAD to eat it, like, now. :)

I also changed the dressings on my manky knees. Not as painful as I’d expected actually. That gauze stuff full of vasoline is amazing! I likey likey. And they’re looking MUCH better now. So much better that I might actually start bending my knees during the day. I swear – it’s gotta look hilarious. Especially going up stairs. I go up the step with my left leg, then swing my right leg out to the side to get that one up onto the step! Nice! Though my calves are massively swollen, I’m hoping that will go down by tomorrow.

Well, it’s past my bedtime and I need to get some sleep so I can get up for work in the morning.
Oh – and I sold my guitar! So I can get my train ticket now! yay! Though it’ll be interesting getting the guitar to work tomorrow… (without breaking my knees in the process.. )


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2 Responses to Ministry of funny walks

  1. vlinkie says:

    all you need now is theswinging arm movements with strightened elbows andyou’ll be sorted!

  2. vlinkie says:

    as before

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