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What happened???

What happened?? I looked at my webpage and it redirected me to some random Russian page!! I’m just writing this to test out whether I’ve fixed it or not. Was I hacked?? Right. I think I found the problem. Sodding … Continue reading

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Omg. I’m so bored. But look what I found to keep me amused: Ugly shoe of the week webpage.

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Bad mood

It’s one of those days today. I have woken up in a foul foul mood this morning. I don’t know why. I’m a woman – I don’t have to know why. I got in, and Shep was here already. Again. … Continue reading

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It’s COLD today. I have WINTER NIPPLE it’s so cold! (and that’s not pleasant with these bazookas!). Brrr…. I can feel the cold rushing up my trouser legs while I walk. My legs are frozen by the time I get … Continue reading

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Well, the weekend is nearly over. Back to work tomorrow. I’ve managed to do my washing up, and do my washing. I’m just descaling the iron again so I can have something to wear, then I’ll have a shower and … Continue reading

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Furry blue hugs

Work was boring as hell today. Not much to do. And I just wanted to fall asleep. But it keeps me kinda occupied and out of the flat, so I can’t complain. And it pays the bills. Walking home is … Continue reading

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Bunny Days

Well, I’m back again. Work was the pits today – was just soooooooooooo boring!! It was really quiet. I hate it when it’s like that. It makes the day drag. But there’s a very pretty full moon this evening. I’m … Continue reading

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What can I say??

Well, what can I say?? I’ve had a shit weekend. But hey, what’s the surprise in that? I sold my guitar, so I’ve bought my train ticket for the month. At least I can get to work. Something to fill … Continue reading

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Ministry of funny walks

Bit of a short update today. I got my shopping delivered this evening. I have lots of vegetables! Yay!! I feel much better just opening the fridge and looking at them all. Even though I had a pizza for tea … Continue reading

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I’m so screwed. I just checked my bank balance. *sigh* There are still two direct debits to go out yet, and I won’t have enough for a monthly train ticket after that. So I’m selling a Fender telecaster and an … Continue reading

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