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Power pants

I’m wearing my power pants today. They’re red. And the elastic works. But I’m wearing the wrong trousers, so they’re not as powerful as they could be. I bought them in Peacocks on the weekend. Now get this: I bought … Continue reading

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Windy day

It’s windy today. It sounds worse from inside the office than it actually is outside. Put that down to the rubbish glazing. I can hardly hear anything because it’s so loud! I was in the smoking shed this morning – … Continue reading

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Officially Huge

Evening ladies and gents! Well, what a weekend! But it was a good one.. I went shopping on Saturday. I was trying to get a new bra. I’ve ordered about 4 from Ebay so far, and none of them have … Continue reading

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I’m in the dog house at work today. My phone crashed, so my alarm didn’t go off. I was staying at Seren’s, so she came in at 7am and woke me up. Oops. I was only 10mins late for work, … Continue reading

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Commuter Daily

Morning! What a lovely sunrise this morning.. All red and orange and warm. I could only see a little of it through the train window, but it looked very nice. Kind of a ‘sheperd’s warning’ sunrise. I only just managed … Continue reading

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Chocolate fixes

I’m tired today. I have that Monday feeling. I have chocolate though, so I’ll survive. Work is as boring as every really. But isn’t it always the way, that when you’re actually actively looking for a job, there doesn’t seem … Continue reading

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Insert smart title here

It smelled of death on the train this morning. Not necessarily a too unpleasant smell in itself, but generally disconcerting because of the memories that come with it. You know that smell? The one you get in a funeral home? … Continue reading

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I’ve just had confirmation. Boss-lady has a new multi-colour report. Last week, I logged three times as many calls as anyone else. 340-odd. A THIRD of the total calls logged for the whole department. (the five of us who were … Continue reading

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Back to life.. Back to reality

I REALLY didn’t wanna come back to work today. FSR is back. And Shep is off. Makes for a really boring atmosphere. Anyway. Mum and Steve came down this weekend. I drank more this weekend than I have done in … Continue reading

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Weekend fever

Woo hoo! It’s the weekend! (nearly). I’m still at work, but have time to write.. FSR hasn’t been in today. She booked a day off. And guess what? The atmosphere here has been lovely. Joking, banter and good day. Maybe … Continue reading

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