I’m at work. Someone has come back off holiday today, so there’s no work left to do at the moment. Everyone is just chatting and browsing the net. It’s because the schools are on holiday, so there are no panicking teachers calling up and asking about emails and documents.

I’ve not locked myself out onto the balcony again, you’ll be pleased to know! I have ordered a broadband package, so I should be back up and running online soon. Then all I need is for my sky to be reconnected, and I’m all set!

I got a nice surprise this morning, too: I’m getting paid at the end of this week! I thought I wouldn’t get paid until the end of august, but I got a payslip this morning.. Yay!!

I’m all grins and smiles today.. I saw Seren last night. Isn’t it great how cuddles just completely recharge the batteries?? I got LOADS of cuddles last night. I giggled and I grinned and I felt so at home.

It was DEFINITELY the right decision to move here. I like the area. I like being close to the sea, to transport links to London. Being close to Seren. And once I get my internet on, I’ll be able to start making friends, too!!

*sigh* I’m so happy at the moment :) :) :

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