I’m blogging from work. Hence this will be a short one..

I have moved, and just about unpacked everything. I’m getting used to the area and have started my new job! :) The commute is long, but not too bad as the train is pretty empty at that time of the morning.

But last night, I had a MAJOR blonde moment…

I have a balcony, see. And there are french doors that lead onto the balcony. Usually, you have to force them shut, but, well, it was windy last night. I went out for a cigarette and the door slammed shut behind me, locking me out.

So there I was, with no shoes on and just a t-shirt and tracksuit bottoms, and locked out onto my 1st floor balcony. Seren came round and tried her spare keys in teh door, but I’d left my keys in the lock on the inside so she couldn’t get in! There was no answer from the landlord, and I was contemplating smashing windows and doors to get in.

So I called the fire brigade.

A full engine of big burly firemen came, lights flashing and all, and rescued me from my balcony.. By the time I got in, I’d been out there for two and a half hours already. They had to put a ladder up at the back window and climb in, in order to let me in.

I was mortified, and so embarrassed.

But I DID get to meet two new neighbours.

What a clod! *doh*

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