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I’m at work. Someone has come back off holiday today, so there’s no work left to do at the moment. Everyone is just chatting and browsing the net. It’s because the schools are on holiday, so there are no panicking … Continue reading

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I’m blogging from work. Hence this will be a short one.. I have moved, and just about unpacked everything. I’m getting used to the area and have started my new job! The commute is long, but not too bad as … Continue reading

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At Last! I’m in! Damned spammers taking up the bandwidth and not letting me in for DAYS! I feel like I should really write somthing. You know, about what happened in London and all. But I’m miles and miles away … Continue reading

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I have a dilemma. The woman next door just came out again and asked me to ‘turn off my alarm’ on a morning. To stop letting it run. I wasn’t aware that I had been doing that, although I do … Continue reading

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