“This decision is not a victory for morality or a victory for Kansas,” she said. “It’s a victory for prejudice and fear.”
Sigh. Against stupidity, the gods themselves contend in vain.
This documentary was broadcast on Sunday evening on BBC2 , about North Korea. It was shocking, revealing and fascinating, if a little eerie. Did anyone else watch it? What did you think?
I bought myself a new book today. Retail therapy after the first day back at Uni for the new term. Bushwhacked . It was in the ‘three for two’ offer in Waterstones, and I was going to buy “Stupid White men” and “Dude, where’s my country” at the same time.. (either that, or “Eats, shoots and leaves” – fantastic book, but Holly has a copy of that, so I can finish reading it when I go visit), but I decided to save my money for something better – like alcohol. I’m only a few pages in, and it’s fascinating already.
Uni was a little daunting. As Burnley_boy is really popular, it felt really wierd to be going back, not knowing what he’s been saying. I know he noticed me when I went into the lecture room. He didn’t say anything to me though. I hid in the smokers’ cubby hole on the way out, avoiding people.. Have since been trying to find someone to come out and watch the football with me, as there’s no Sky here, and I don’t really wanna go to the pub on my own (as I’m sure to bump into Burnley_boy or one of his ‘mates’). Have thus far been unsuccessful, so it looks like I’ll be listening to it on the radio :-(

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