Long time no blog

So I’m coming to the end of my three weeks off, and what have I done? Well, this, and this and this is what I’ve been up to. As well as a little of this too.
This one especially for Miss Venom and Blinkie. Check this out and turn up the sound! Funny!
It’s been an odd three weeks. I’ve been living between three houses – Holly’s house, mum’s house and the room I rent, leaving stuff all over the place – creams, lotions, clothes. Sort of like when a dog has to pee to mark where they’ve been, I leave things in places. Not intentionally, but I just seem to forget about stuff. I always leave something behind. Holly has the empty tobacco packets and a plastic bag containing empty chocolate and crisp packets. (I’d had a bad day. I needed comfort food). Mum’s house has a guitar and an amp, a bass guitar, a spoon, some hair from my hairbrush and some lollipops. Everything else is here in my room. Maybe I just like to leave a mess wherever I go… so people don’t forget me.
The snow was very pretty. It didn’t feel pretty when I had to dig the car out of about three inches of it though. My fingers froze and despite trying really hard, I still managed to get snow all over myself. Those are the types of day when all you wanna do is cozy up to someone and stay nice and warm and cuddled. *sigh*
Maybe it’s the cold weather, but I’m really losing the battle with the hair. The ones on my chin are growing back with a vengeance. Thick and black and wiry. I pluck them nearly every day, but they seem to just reappear the next morning, waving at me, laughing at my attempts to exterminate them from existence. The ‘tache isn’t too bad. At least I don’t have the stubble or chemical burns any more. ‘For sensitive skin’ my arse!
I’m a delicate bear, really. I get very cold in the winter, and have grown downy fur on the side of my face for years to try and cope with it. I wear floppy socks because they’re comfortable and warm. I have a really warm dressing-gown and pyjamas with a hood. I have to have something to cuddle when I go to sleep. Be it a person, a teddy or a puppy (or a cat). Ain’t that sad? Am I just getting old, or am I regressing back to childhood? I got my play-doh out the other day. Just rolled it around in my hands while watching the football. I love the smell of that stuff… I could just eat it. But instead I rolled it in my hands for a while and just let the scent linger on my hands. Isn’t it funny, or seems to me, that no matter how much we learn, how we mature and grow, we are all still children at heart. We all want comfort, security, love, and someone to tell us that everything’s ok. Everything’s going to be ok, and that we are not despicable and unlovable.
Children need a lot of encouragement and praise to learn and grow, but sometimes we forget that as adults, we need that too. Maybe I’ll make a point of telling someone that they’re wonderful every day for a week. See how it goes.
And now I’m going back to contamplate my navel again. (an ‘inny’, if you’re interested, and that’s all the detail you’re getting) Cheeri-o x

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