They did it again. One of the snotballs widdled on the floor. And do you know HOW I know that they widdled on the floor?? Because I sodding STEPPED IN IT!!!! I swear, the puddles were about a foot away from the toilet – so they weren’t even because of a bad aim! One of the sods had blatantly decided to just empty his bladder on the bathroom floor!! Euw! I feel violated… Gross!
Then I get up today to find that they actually do know how to go to the toilet – just not how to bleedin flush the thing! I DO NOT want to be faced with snotball excrement and smelly widdle when I get up. Euw!
I was kinda planning to go visit someone on New Years eve, but well that’s fallen through (surprise, surprise), so I’m hoping that the snotballs will be somewhere else tomorrow evening so I can at least watch some tv! If they’re here, I think I’ll die.. That will just be the icing on the soddin cake!
Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…. and Sarah – I do smoke!
**he he he

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