Sodding Hell!! I just spent a bloody age writing an entry for it to just randomly close on me!! How annoying!
I blogged about Christmas and new year. I’m not doing it again, so you’ll have to imagine you all know how my Christmas went, and how much I hate new year, and the pressure to be doing something woderfully exciting and drunken with a wonderful group of beautiful friends. Sod that. I’m going to bed! I NEVER do anything for new year anyway. Why should this year be any bloody different??
I’m having a rant because my hormones are everywhere. Sometimes I HATE being a woman. Men have it soooooo much easier.. My brother said today “The dog’s on- she keeps leaving stains on my duvet and she won’t leave me alone” (looking slightly pissed off)… Men. They just don’t understand.. Tell you what, we’ll all start makin jokes about wet dreams in front of you shall we?? Or take the piss out of your balls droppin? When they’re growing up, they don’t have bras to ping. We can’t tell if they’ve got hairy balls yet, so we can’t take the piss. Whereas boys are horrible to girls at school. And they never really grow out of it.
Mind you, women can be just as bad. Why do I have to feel like one of the underclass just because I’m not slim and pretty with DDs?? Sod that! I don’t have a bikini line to speak of. I don’t particularly want one either. Why the hell should I bother with all that pain just so someone else might like me???? If they’re that shallow, then I don’t wanna know them anyway. I don’t shave my legs in the winter – the hairs keep me warm and I’m always wearing jeans anyway! (yeah, ok I’ll sometimes shave them because I like the look of them shaven, but I won’t shave before a night out or anything silly like that). I’m not skinny, I’m not beautiful, and I’m not an airhead. I have hairs on my chin that I have to pluck out now and again. So what???? Grrrrrr..
And WHY oh sodding WHY do other people’s kids grate on me so bloody much????? When I signed up to the contract for this house, I did NOT sign up to bloody kids! NO PETS it said, so doesn’t that automatically mean NO KIDS???? As they kinda make more mess, more noise, and smell more??? And eat more, and are ruder, and are not cute and fluffy like a rat would be in comparison??? Do they HAVE to shout all the time?? Dp they HAVE to BOUNCE everywhere?? It’s not like it’s even real bouncing though – they jump up and down to make a noise (ie big bangs next to my door) then stomp down the stairs and take up the living room! And THEN they leave bloody shoes at the bottom of the stairs to be tripped over! And I am made to feel unwelcome in my own bloody house, that I’m paying equal rent for. I HATE other people’s soddin kids!!!! They were SUPPOSED to be staying over at his girlfriend’s house. THey’re here for a week and I have an assignmet and revision to do! How am I supposed to be able to sit in and watch the tv on new year if there’s little people running around??? (groan)
I’m going now.. AND my head is all confused about stuff… How am I supposed to work out what it all means?? I don’t even understand my own feelings now.. Grrrrr Grrrrrrrrrrrrr and Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr again!!!!!!

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