Poorly Pillows

How long is it since I last wrote? Aaaages.. I’ve been so snowed under with uni work, and now I have a horrible lurgy :o (
I did all the end-of-term going out and getting pissed stuff, and now it’s left me with major repercussions! I took the weekend off to recover from three days of drinkin, and woke up on Sunday with the horriblest lurgy I’ve had in a while..
Cold sweats, snot, mucus, and now an ear infection! I went to the Doctor today and he prescribed me some nasal spray that’s supposed to help with the infection. I hope it does. All the vitamins, hot lemons, chicken soups and time in bed don’t seem to be doing any good so far :o (… So I’m almost a week behind on my assignment, which has to be finished before Tuesday, as the labs close (and they’re not open this weekend – grrrrr). Then I have to make a start on my next assignment. I’m clinging to the idea that after all this is over (12th January), I should get three weeks off before the next semester starts… I really can’t wait…
I managed to get an emergency loan from the University the other day, too. (as I’ve been refused a top-up to my CDL and won’t find out about Access funds until January). I took it straight to the landlord and paid three weeks rent with it. And that left me with £10 to buy ALL of my Christmas presents. Well, I just used that tenner to get a taxi to the doctors today, so looks like nobody is getting anything this year! I have £1.50 to last me till mid-January….. This should be interesting…
Ho hum, so apart from feeling sorry for myself, being ill and being skint, I’ve not really been up to much. I lead such a boring life really…
Though someone told me the other day, that on this blog, it seems like I have loads of women! Surely not! I just laughed. I soooooooooo do not have loads of women. Just one would do me nicely thank you very much, but I can’t even seem to get the attention of even one for more than a few hours… Where on earth she got THAT idea from, I do not know… lol. She’s a sweet lady, very nice girl, but completely the wrong idea about me. lol.
So, what else is new?? Well… Lamia is going out with BHG (Brown-haired-girl), who she’s fancied for weeks.. They’re doing well together, so that’s some good news for Christmas! :-D
Burnley_boy is a pratt. Have not seen or spoken to him since last Friday as I got sick of him calling me names, so I’ve given up. I was nothing but nice to him, deespite his venomous texts and messages, so eventually I just gave up on him. Sod him. If he’s gonna be a tosser, leave him to it. Pillock.
And that’s about it, really – though I did find some really good games online I was gonna post here…. bear with me a sec **rustles round virtual bits of paper on hard drive to find the right urls…**
Ahaaaaa! Here they are!
1. Online Etch-a-Sketch It’s ok for a few minutes, but too fiddly to play with for too long…
2. Toboggan Jump Again, ok, but can get a little booooooooooring….
3. Saving the best till last though…… IT’S 3D PONG !!!!!! Now this, I could spend houuuuuuurs on!! Enjoy!!

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