Sooooo… are you all waiting with baited breath for the amazing story of lemon’s fan-bloody-tastic weekend?? Are ya? Are ya?? He he he – bet you are really! ( I sooooooo need some good smileys for this blog…)
Well… here goes!
Managed to get into uni and do some work. I even understood some of it! Got my head around some java stuff that had been doing my head in for weeks, so now I can get on with the next challenge! After class, went to Annie’s with Burnley_boy for a cuppa before going to my mum’s to pick up the car.
Went to mum’s, saw LS (who approves of the hair and the piercings! yay! instant cool!!), had my puppy therapy, then went to see Holly for a while. Managed to get back to the house in time for Eastenders, too!
Was really domesticated and did some IRONING (shock horror!) when I got back, while arranging to meet up with Lamia and Burnley_boy later. Jumped in the shower after ironing and went out to meet Burnley_boy.
So, I was clean, had clean clothes, and was all ready for a night out! Met lamia a little later and we all went to Cassidys.. A good night was had by all (especially Burnley_boy – the tart!!!!) and I had a good giggle and a good dance.
Got up early(ish) for the drive to Leeds. Met up with Miss_Venom and Blinkie around half past eleven and we went for lunch to a very nice pub. We chatted and chatted and giggled for aaaages, and it was so lovely! We had a good sing-song too.. (Santa baby…… he he he)
I got the train at about 5 to meet up with Cfc at the hotel in the city centre.. Got to the train station to take the cash out for the room, and it wouldn’t let me have any! Nightmare!! They had taken a big wad of cash from my account for some reason.
Not a happy bunny!
And when I tried to call, the computers crashed so they couldn’t help me! Grrrrr.. But anyways, I managed to sort out a backup plan (thanks Cfc, by the way), and watched ‘Pop Idol’ for a while before meeting up with others to go out.
So there I was, in the hotel foyer, wondering what the hell I was doing there completely sober, and everyone was introducin themselves.. It was so wierd, when people asked who I was, I had to say ‘Lemonpillows’, as that’s the name I use.. Was like, when I said that name, people recognised me! How odd is that??? “I am Lemonpillows” hmmmm… though I quite like the sound of it..
Aaaaaaaaanyway.. we started off in Queens Court, then went to Blayds, then Bass, then back to Blayds, then on to the New Penny… By that time, I was in a pretty drunken state…. I remember dancin me duds off in the Penny and not much else.. I found some random gay bloke in an orange shirt and MADE him dance with me.. Poor bloke didn’t really have much choice in the matter! lol
Went for a dodgy kebab before goin back up to the room and spilling half of it all over the floor!
Had to leave the hotel by 11, so was up earlyish. Went to Burger King for breakfast (Bacon double cheeseburger meal mmmmmmm) and left to get the train back to Miss_Venom’s house (where I’d left the car). BUT, as it’s Leeds station, you have to have a ticket before you can get on the platform (they won’t let you buy one on the train), so had to walk back to the ticket office and by the time I got to the platform, I’d missed the train, with an hour to wait for the next one! So I texted T (a very nice lady I’ve been getting on well with recently, but who I’ve never met) and we had a little text conversation, then she called me! Spent 40mins on the phone and it seemed like 5minutes. Was cool!
Got the train back to Miss_Venom’s house and we chatted and drank tea all over again.. Left at around 3pm to drive back home… Showered, changed, and then drove off to see a dance performance Lamia was in..
It was brilliant! I was well impressed! Not just the pieces Lamia was in either. It was all really good.. Had a great time, then got back home in time to talk to T for a while online! :-)
And that was my weekend! Not bad, huh? Even though I’m skint, exhausted and aching, I really enjoyed myself so it’s all good! oooh, I’m sooooooooo tired… am gonna go now…… :-)

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