Aaaalright noooooow

Baby, it’s a aaaaaaaalrigggggght noooooooow.. de de de do dee do dee dee dee
Right! Music is good for the souuuul.. I’m in a better mood today. Yay! About bloody time, I hear you shout! And yes, it is!
Looks like maybe (fingers crossed), this latest episode is over! Yay!! Can get back to being gorgeous, wonderful meeeeeee again! (are you all scaaaaaared yet??)
Sooooo to update on what I’ve been up to.
On Tuesday, went to see the community psychiatric nurse, who basically fobbed me off and said they can’t help me until I become violent or throw myself off a bridge.
Sod that!
So, as I was fed up, I went into Asda for a big packet of baccy and a sandwich. While I was there, I go a scratchcard. And I won four quid on it!
So I put a quid back in my pocket and bought three more scratch cards. And I won 33quid on one of them! Woo hoo!
So, I decided, that’ll pay for a haircut. So I went and got a radical hair cut! It’s now jaw-line length, layered, and has red-lights in it! Radical or what?
Cutie said I looked ‘cute’, Burnley_boy said he thinks it takes years off me. Acid test is whether LS likes it though. She’s the authority on fashion/dress sense/not looking like a prat kinda thing. So will wait till I see her next to see whether it actually does look good or not..
So I have two new piercings (the eyebrow and the lip), a radical new hair cut, new friends and new clothes from my mum’s wardrobe! Life is beginning to look up! Woo hoo! And I bought a new domain the other day. It’s not working yet, but will give you all the link when it is..
I’m off to leeeeeeeeeeeds this weekend to see Miss_venom, Blinkie, and to go to the Blue Rooms piss-up. Should be a good night! Can’t wait… And then I really have to study.. But I’m hopin that this episode will be totally over after this weekend, so I’ll be able to concentrate.
I’m still fragile, but more resilient than I have been. And I’ve been smiling and singing for the past couple of days. Definitely think someone has been looking after me. Must have been. Smelled the lillies again while I was in Lloyds for lunch with Mum and Phil.. It’s either Anthony or Grandad, but not quite sure which yet. Either way, I’m grateful.. :-)
“I’m walkin on sunshiiiiiiiiiine, wwwwoahhhhhhhh , I’m walking on sunshine, woooooahhhh, I’m walking on sunshine, wwwwoahhhhhh, and don’t it feel good!!”
hmmm… am rambling again, aren’t I??

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