Good Day!

Indeed! I had a good day for a change! I think I might just be coming out the other side of this downer. I really hope so..
So I was supposed to go to lectures this morning – three hours of Databases (groan), but didn’t wake up until 11.30. So, instead I went to York with Lamia.
I got to see the city lit up. I got to sit by the river. I got to look at the scenery through the Cleveland hills on the way there. And I went to Libertas . It’s such a shame that they are closing. I’m so sad… But at least they’ll still have the website, and I’ll be able to order from there.. :-(
I love York. There’s just something about the place that’s really special. I have so many memories there though, that it’s hard to go with someone new and not remember all the times I was there before.
We went into HMV, and I stumbled across the video/dvd box sets on offer at the moment. 24, Red Dwarf, Jackass…. Christmas presents for Anthony. He loved all of those… That got to me a bit. I’ve been thinking of him a lot recently. Wondering whether there is anything out there, after death. Wondering if he is watching over us all. Whether he can hear me when I try to talk to him. Hmmm
So I’ve recovered from Sunday night, but still haven’t managed to do any work.. Going to do some tonight. Good job really as it’s due in on Friday!
Oh.. and …do you all think that some things are better left unsaid? I have thoughts and feelings. But am scared to say them, because I’m scared to change things. I don’t want to upset people, but I’m going to have to say them at some point. It will hurt people. But will help me.. (after I’ve gotten over the guilt of actually saying them in the first place..)
Maybe I should take a course in a)How to get angry and b)How to say “no”….

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