First day at school

Well, I didn’t mean to be a drama queen yesterday or anything, just that I really couldn’t be arsed, and didn’t see the point in anything. I’ve stopped crying now, so I have some spare time to write on here.
So it was my first day back at Uni today. Interesting. As is usual at Teesside, the organisation left a lot to be desired, but I’ll go into that later.
I was woken up at about 7am by the dog and the cat competing for my attention – the dog at my belly and the cat at my head. I ended up with cat fur (she moults like nothing I’ve ever seen) all over me. The cat has currently made herself comfortable on my (previously) clean towel and is now trying to grab my attention by walking over the keyboard every five minutes, simultaneously waving her tail in my face and making me sneeze! Anyway, when I got out of the shower, it started to bucket it down (typical) and so got wet while waiting for the bus.
The introduction session was supposed to start at 11am and last one hour. We didn’t get into the room until late, as there were still people from the previous induction session in there. When we did get in there, half of the forms hadn’t been filled in and plenty of them were missing, so it all took longer than had been expected. I was also stuck in front of the foul-mouthed townies who were whining and whingeing and tutting and sighing for the whole time, and next to some strange girl. I said something to her – chit-chat like – and she said ‘yeah’ back or summit like that. Then, as you do, I said ‘my name’s x, by the way’. She just said ‘ok’ and turned round. Odd. Never mind…
Then we all had to do the rounds of waiting in a queue for finance, then for a computer account, then for a student card. In the queue for finance, I was stuck behind ‘hairy boy’, the kind that has a hairy back (eugh) and won’t shave it, so it sticks out above his shirt/t-shirt and puts everyone off their food. And I was in front of ‘chewing gum boy’ who insisted on chewing the same piece of sticky stuff, really loudly, for the whole time. Grrr.
Then, I couldn’t get a computer user account because I hadn’t been given the right pieces of paper, and the system didn’t recognise me from my old student card. So I went on the the ‘student card’ bit, where I was supposed to just activate my old card.
Needless to say, it didn’t work. Now I have to keep checking back every day to see if my card has been activated, then wait a few days after activation before I can go to get my computer account. Hmmmm.
Aaanyway, it wasn’t too bad as we finished at two. Wierd girl went off to get home before her kids, and I made my way to the bus station. I was very tempted to go into Annie’s and get completely wasted, but decided that my money would be better spent on things like a student union card, and maybe food, so I decided against it.
I’m glad to be out of there today. The organisation is just soooooo bad. It gets me really riled and annoyed, though I was already in a bad mood, so all this didn’t help. I should be happy, excited, looking forward to it, but I’m not. I just wanna be out of there. I just wanna get it over with. I don’t really see the point any more, even though I’m trying, I just don’t care. I’ll go, I’ll do the work and hopefully get a qualification out of it, but I won’t care about it. I looked at the timetable and I still have the same shitty drunken lecturer we had last year for databases. Great. But at least there are no evening classes this year – the last one finishes at 6pm. I might even be able to get a bus at that time!
Well, that’s it for now. I may write later, and I may not. Thanks to Vanessa for the comment. I didn’t mean to be so down yesterday – I’m trying to stay chirpy. Guess I ‘could try harder’ lol

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