So, I have the hangover from hell, I’m knackered, pissed off, and it’s starting to get cold outside. The summer is over.
I got mightily mightily pissed last night, trashed things and was generally a bitch, and today, I still feel like being a bitch, so I just might be. Might try this hair-of-the-dog thing. See if it actually works, or just makes me puke into the already trashed bath… (I must have emptied every available bottle in the bathroom into the bath last night, and then covered it all in talcum powder.)
There’s beer cans on the lawn, bits of food all over the kitchen, an ironing board on the floor (where it landed after I threw it – sorry mum, hope it still works) and I have no money on my phone. I do hope I didn’t send too many text messages. I suppose I’ll find out over the next couple of days…
Oh, phone is a bit dodgy aswell, coz I remember throwing it at the radiator at some point…
You know, I really don’t know why I bother. Sometimes I really don’t. I work my f****ng guts out to – let’s call it ‘perform task A’ – and who gives a shit? Erm… that would be nobody. So to task B, and does task B ever get done? Noooooooooooooooooooo. If I do it myself it will, but that kinda defeats the object of both of the tasks. Don’t ask what I’m talkin about – you really don’t wanna know. Suffice to say that I’m pissed off, hurt and angry. Life stinks at the moment and the air freshener ain’t workin.
I’m not gonna write any more, coz I’m just gonna start offending people.

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