Still peeved…

Well, no entries the last few days as I’ve been on a major downer – maybe it’s through lack of sleep… Summer is NOT my favourite time of year. That’s gotta be autumn. All the insects are either dead or somewhere warmer then, and the breeze is cooling and sometimes brisk. Makes you feel good to be alive in the Autumn. But summer just does my head in.
My sister has moved house now. She came round with the boyfriend the other day to pick up all of the stuff stored in our garage. I thought that would empty it, but we still seem to have a housefull of furniture in there… Well, the spiders were a little disappointed that all of the stuff was moved – made Mandy scream by chasing her round with a dead one that had landed on my t-shirt.. Fun..
And we still haven’t got our wheelie bin back! This is really starting to piss me off… There’s a spare wheelie bin which has been wheeled up the drive, but it’s half full of old newspapers and shit (really, it’s got poo in it) and it stinks… Im thinking maybe we keep our black bags outside until bin man day, then watch for the bin men and do an SAS-style operation to get our bin back….. just sorta swap them over in the middle of the night.. You see, people leave them out overnight coz the binmen come early round here, so I could just go out and swap them round at two in the morning or something….. yeah…. I know this must sound really anal, but if we’re paying the wheelie-bin cleaner people to clean the bin every week, I really would like our clean bin back! Not some shitty smelly mess full of the Daily Star crap.. grrrrrrrrrr….
Next door had a fight the other night aswell – very exciting. I was listening out of the window.. Apparently someone had been making loads of noise and waking up the kids, so these guys were arguing, then some girl butts in and these girls start chasing each other round the block! Hilarious! And I thought this was a nice area – girly fights, wheelie bins being nicked, horrible children and dangerous dogs… what next?
Still trying to come up with an interesting design idea for this page, and still trying to get my song on to the computer.. I’ve given up with Cubasis, but I found a copy of Cakewalk something or other on the computer that I didn’t know I had, so I’m gonna try with that instead and see what happens. As for the design thing, I’m just taking lots of photos and hopefully there’ll be a couple I can use for a design idea… If anyone has any interesting ideas for designs for this page, then leave me a comment – I’d be glad of any help…
As a bit of fun, try this little quiz: Art or Crap? See how many you get right… I didn’t get that many…
Enjoy :-)

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