No picture today. Can’t be

No picture today. Can’t be arsed. Have just bought myself a new domain name and some space on a new server – will hopefully soon be moving this page to! Got a wicked deal with full cgi, php4, mysql support and everything! Despite that fact, life still stinks. Im getting a bit sick of having to explain myself to everyone (not that I get asked very often), and just giving up when I realise that they don’t have a clue. Some people just haven’t lived. Can’t comprehend how the other half live. Who has a clue what it’s like to be me? Answer?: Nobody, because nobody’s really ever been interested. I can’t explain everything because I’m stuck in this box: if I step outside it, it’ll just hurt everyone. I have so many secrets inside, that sometimes I feel ready to burst. I’ve got to remember who I’m keeping the secrets from, and who I’m supposed to be able to tell.. Maybe I should just put a sign on my forehead saying ‘mug – slap here when convenient’….

I wish Anthony was here… he understood. He knew what I was talking about… I miss him…:’-(

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