I’m taking a break from

I’m taking a break from showing prospective tenants round the flat…. bit of a bugger because it means I have to keep it tidier than usual.. :-) I’m trying to find a topic to write an essay on in my ‘Politics, Economics and Society in Russia’ module, but I just can’t seem to get myself interested.. So, while surfing round the net, it seems that America is the big baddie again. Bush has, apparently, decided to ditch an agreement which stated that it would not conduct nuclear attacks on non nuclear nations Oh dear. This on top of the ‘Axis of Evil’ nonsense and his blatant disregard of every other industrialized country in the world when he refused to ratify the Kyoto agreement.
The U.S babbles on about being the saviour of the world, introducing Human Rights into previously evil countries, when it can’t even sort out its own problems. The U.S still has the death penalty. There have been plenty of controversies about states killing people for crimes they committed as minors. Read these reports on the prison system over there – it has been alleged that drug companies and Universities have been using U.S prisoners as human guinea pigs. Nice.
As for the ‘War on Terrorism’, well, there’s a proliferation of conspiracy theories on the net now: some say it’s about oil and money, and others that it’s just American hegemony. Apparently, U.S forces have already landed in Iraq…. again, oh dear.
On a lighter note, it’s good to see that the British Government would never sink that low – putting profits before Human Rights… or would they?

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