Well, term is over and

Well, term is over and I have (theoretically anyway) a little more free time to update my webpages….. Has anyone else notice the increase in propaganda and lack of real news around this so-called ‘War on Terrorism’? Where have the reports of civilian casualties gone? There aren’t even estimates in the news any more. While looking for some REAL news the other day I found quite a few good sites here and here. The first is Cursor, run from an American university somewhere and basically links to stories showing the other side of this war. The second is ‘The Campaign for Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting’. Pretty good. Also worth a mention are Project Censored. and Postcards From Hell. The latter is one photojournalist’s record of various conflicts around the world. It’s very good and makes you think about just who wins in all these wars? Maybe you’ll find an answer here Evidence for that report can be found in the Senate Committe hearings documents which are free to check out at the National Security Archive
That’s it for now. Happy surfing. And PLEEEESE SIGN MY GUESTBOOK!! 850 hits already but only 30 signed my guestbook. :-( boo hoo.

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